Beam Consulting provides consultancy in the following areas:

  • Competitive intelligence: survey your competitors or other key actors (suppliers, customers, key opinion leaders)

  • Identification of the latest trends in your activity sector (prospective, sectorial and technological watch) to growth your competitivity

  • Identify potential business opportunities (markets, customers, suppliers)

  • Organization and development of studies (State-of-the-art reports, competitive benchmarks, prospective and sectoral studies)

  • Advise and implementation of your collaborative monitoring strategy 


Carla Monfray is the CEO of Beam Consulting :



Set up of a prospective activity within R&D and innovation teams

Identification of new potential R&D developments (building materials sector)

Overview of market players in the renovation of buildings in France

Set up of collaborative monitoring platforms at LH subsidiaries in India, China and Irak

Cartography of European clusters in food and beauty sectors

Monitoring of collaborative R&D financing programs (Horizon2020, FUI, ANR)