Matthieu Thomas
Matthieu Thomas
Co-fondateur, Seekoya
« KickandBoost is the reference Marketplace in B2B. It was the best solution to allow us to test the adequacy of our micro-learning solution to the expectations of our prospects and current customers. There is, to my knowledge of the digital environment, no such value proposition. »
Matthieu Thomas
Johanne Morel
Dirigeante, Avense
« The integration of my offers on the platform has been smooth and secure. I've completed new and beautiful missions that I wouldn't have had without KickandBoost, and I've also expanded my range of training and packaged services.»
Matthieu Thomas
Caroline Hirtzmann
Fondatrice, Switch
« Switch's service is aimed at increasing digital accessibility, mainly for start-ups and small businesses that fuel a large part of economic activity. We share the same values with KickandBoost which creates bridges between buyers and sellers. It was an obvious choice to offer our services on KickandBoost.»
Matthieu Thomas
Emmanuel Aires
CEO, Invent-App
« We had a stable, marketable and scalable version of our solution. But like any startup, it's hard to inspire confidence from the start. We were able to do so thanks to our technology and KickandBoost allowed us to target new customers. »

KickandBoost, the B2B solution adapted to your needs

Since 2017, KickandBoost has been facilitating inter-company transactions and exchanges via its platform.

Whether you are looking for visibility for your B2B product or service or you want to provide your company with high-performance solutions at reduced and accessible rates, KickandBoost will be your asset!

We manage for you, as a trusted third party, the complex transaction flows of the B2B sector such as: purchase orders, invoices, VAT rates between countries, etc.

Behind this project are entrepreneurship and digital enthusiasts. But they are also entrepreneurs who have had to face financing issues and adapt by relying on their own funds, thus taking significant risks on their cash flow.

It is in response to this observation that we have imagined the KickandBoost platform: in order to enable companies to put their digital products on sale in a fluid manner and to simplify their purchase by other companies. As a result, cash flow is better managed thanks to much shorter transaction times, while simplifying inter-company relations.