I am a seller

How to sign up as a seller?

First, you have to create a user account on the platform and provide all the information required on your organization.

Then, you can apply as a project initiator. This step is accessible from your private section on the platform.

A more detailed description of your organization will be required. Some of this information will be put on the order form that will be sent in your name to the project contributors.

You will also have to submit the KYC documents.

Why submit the KYC (Know Your Customer) documents?

KickandBoost is compliant to a set of legal obligations in order to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

In order to use all the features of the platform, you have to upload the following documents:

  • IDENTITY PROOF: ID Card or Passport or driving licence for UK, USA and Canada (a passport is required outside of SEPA area). This document should refer to the individual duly empowered to act on behalf of the legal entity
  • ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION: Certified articles of association (Statute) - formal memorandum stated by the entrepreneurs, in which the following information is mentioned: business name, activity, registered address, shareholding…
  • REGISTRATION PROOF: Extract from the Company Register issued within the last three months. In the case of an organization, this can be a proof of registration from the official authority
  • SHAREHOLDER DECLARATION : individuals or legal entities owning directly or indirectly 10% or more of the shared capital of the company
Identity proof   Articles of association Registration proof Shareholder declaration  (Download
Company x x x x
Association x x x
Self-employed x x

These documents are not stored on KickandBoost’s servers: they are directly sent to MANGOPAY’s legal service so as to proceed to their validation.

After the KYC documents are validated, KickandBoost will analyze your profile and decide on the activation of your seller accound.

How to start a project and a prefunding campaign?

You should describe your project using as much detail as possible, the amount necessary in order to complete it, the costs of the licenses/contributions (before and after the project is complete) and the duration of the fundraising campaign. It cannot exceed 60 days.

You can also add photos and links to video presentations for a better visibility on the platform.

Using all this information, the moderating team will statute on the validity of your project and proceed to its posting if it is conform to our eligibility rules.

What projects are eligible?

All the intangible goods and services sold and bought by businesses are eligible.

Are not eligible:

  • All the incomplete projects without enough details
  • Projects whose words or aim are of a racist, violent, insulting, defamatory, revisionist nature, praise war crimes, are pedophile, call for killings or incite to suicide, discrimination or hatred
  • Projects whose content recreates without authorization a piece of work protected by intellectual property
  • Projects published in double on other fundraising sites

How long does a fundraiser last?

The fundraising campaign cannot exceed 60 days.

You can set a shorter duration but you will not be able to modify it once the project is online on KickandBoost. If the funding goal is reached before the date, please note that the fundraiser will last until the set date and the funds raised will be released on the due date.

What is the maximum sum I can ask for for a project?

KickandBoost does not set any maximum sum for the projects.

However, please note that even if it is possible (and encouraged) to go over the amount set during the fundraising campaign, the opposite is not: if the goal is not reached, your project is automatically canceled and the buyers are reimbursed.

We suggest you to set a realistic objective to maximize your chances of success.

What is the minimum sum I can ask for for a project?

5,000 €

What are to costs I should anticipate?

We take a 15% excluding tax (18% all tax included) percentage. It is directly debited from the amount raised by your project if it succeeds.

What happens once my project is funded at the end of the fundraising campaign?

You will receive the amount collected, minus KickandBoost’s percentage. You will receive a paid invoice to this end.

We will send you a file that contains all the invoicing elements of your buyers. All will be left to do is to publish and send paid invoices pertaining to their purchases.

Once the project is completed you will have to deliver the orders to the buyers according to what is written on the order form and give them a delivery order published by yourself.

What happens if my project does not reach the level of funding hoped for?

You will not collect any money and no fees will be required.

The buyers will automatically be reimbursed.