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KickandBoost is based on an observation: it is complicated for a company, and more particularly for small and medium sized companies, to sell and acquire a digital product or service with ease. We have therefore imagined this B2B digital marketplace that will manage, for you, the complex transaction flows between companies: purchase orders, invoices, VAT rates... …

KickandBoost is built to facilitate inter-company transactions and exchanges while provinding product quality at reduced rates.

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The B2B Marketplace for all digital products and services

In a world where business is changing, where physical interactions are limited, Kick&Boost, with its B2B marketplace, upgrades business relationships from the real world to the digital world.

On KickandBoost, find all the digital goods sold and bought between professionals and companies. Whether you are looking for a software, a training module, a mobile application, a market study, a service, a serious game,... You will inevitably find what you are looking for on our platform. Your time is precious and you need to find the best digital solution for your company among all the offers available on the market. With speed, simplicity and availability, our B2B marketplace is exactly what you need to sell or buy an intangible or digital product.

"For companies, the stakes are clear: How to develop your business in a "contactless" world? How to continue to perform in a changing world? The generalization of home office among teams has completely changed the nature of interactions with customers and suppliers. Companies can now integrate these new changes thanks to KickandBoost's B2B marketplace

For sellers, it is an opportunity to offer your products in pre-sales or promotional sales to cover your development costs or to acquire new customers. Moreover, it also allows you to carry out a real test of the market while improving your cash flow.
For buyers, it is your chance to access quality products, while preserving your anonymity and benefiting from prices much lower than those of the market.

The KickandBoost team

Behind this B2B marketplace, there are people who are passionate about entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

khaled baaziz
Khaled Baaziz
stephane grousson
Stéphane Grousson
camille celse
Camille Celse
Digital Marketing Officer
Benoit Favier
Benoit Favier
Business Developer