I am a buyer

Why create an account?

You can browse freely on the platform and see all the projects without having to create an account.

But if you wish to fund a project, it is necessary for you to create an account. Your anonymity is guaranteed on KickandBoost. You can fund all the projects you are interested in without disclosing your identity. Your contact information will be sent to the sellers of the projects you have funded only if said projects succeed (so you can receive your deliverables).

Why submit the KYC (Know Your Customer) documents?

KickandBoost is compliant to a set of legal obligations in order to fight fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism.

In order to use all the features of the platform, you have to upload the following documents:

  • IDENTITY PROOF: ID Card or Passport or driving licence for UK, USA and Canada (a passport is required outside of SEPA area). This document should refer to the individual duly empowered to act on behalf of the legal entity
  • ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION: Certified articles of association (Statute) - formal memorandum stated by the entrepreneurs, in which the following information is mentioned: business name, activity, registered address, shareholding…
  • REGISTRATION PROOF: Extract from the Company Register issued within the last three months. In the case of an organization, this can be a proof of registration from the official authority
  • SHAREHOLDER DECLARATION : individuals or legal entities owning directly or indirectly 10% or more of the shared capital of the company
Identity proof   Articles of association Registration proof Shareholder declaration  (Download
Company x x x x
Association x x x
Self-employed x x

These documents are not stored on KickandBoost’s servers: they are directly sent to MANGOPAY’s legal service in order to proceed to their validation.

Until you send these documents over, the legal limits are as follows:

  • Maximum funding of 2,500€ per user during the same calendar year
  • Maximum reimbursement of 1,000€ per user per year during the same calendar year

We thus recommend you submit these documents as soon as possible in order to quickly enjoy all the features of KickandBoost.

How to fund a project?

Click on the project you wish to fund. You will be invited, if not done yet, to create an account on KickandBoost and to enter your payment information on a secure page.

To pay by card:

An order form will be sent to you in the conditions set out by the Terms of Use.

The amount will immediately be debited from your account but will be sent to the seller only if the project reaches the minimum amount they asked for. Otherwise, you will be fully reimbursed – without charge, at the end of the project.

We accept the following cards: Debit/credit, Visa, MasterCard

For bank transfers:

An order form will be sent to you in the conditions set out by the Terms of Use. It will allow you to record the transaction with your purchasing and/or accounts departments and to proceed to the transfer. Your contribution to the funding of the project will be taken into account once the payment is transferred. THE REFRENCE NUMBER INDICATED ON THE ORDER FORM WILL HAVE TO FIGURE ON THE BANK TRANSFER ORDER!

If the project reaches the goal set, a paid invoice will be sent to you.

If the fundraising campaign fails, you will be fully reimbursed – without charge, at the end of the project.

What happens of the project I funded fails to raise the necessary funds?

KickandBoost is a marketplace that makes it easier to connect buyers and sellers. The contents on the site are subject to moderation in order to remove the least interesting projects and improve the likelihood of success of the others.

However, the seller is the only one responsible and authorized to answer all the questions pertaining to their projects. If the latter fails to raise the necessary funds, your contribution is canceled and the seller does not get any money. You are automatically reimbursed.

How do I claim a deliverable that has not yet been sent to me?

Only the seller can answer this question: KickandBoost makes it easier to connect people and provides promoting tools to the sellers but never intervenes in the projects themselves. In the event of problems with the delivery of a deliverable, you should contact the seller directly via email or use their profile page so they can provide an explanation.