Smart Textiles

Applications, technologies and markets : 2018-2023


Mapping of technologies, companies and collaborative projects on a worldwide scale
Targeting of consumers’ expectations following a study led on a representative panel
Companies patent portfolio analysis
More than 170 companies analysed (30 new companies since last year’s study)
Forecast of the development of the market during the 2018-2023 period




Non-exhaustive list of companies and organizations mentioned in this study :

3M, Adidas (Textronics), A-Gas Electronic Materials, AiQ Smart Clothing, Alexium, Alphabet, Ambiotex, AMSilk, ANOUK WIPPRECHT FASHIONTECH, Appaparel, Apple, Applied Materials, Ardeje, Arsenal Medical, Asiatic Fiber Corporation, Asociacion para la promocion, investigacion, desarrollo e innovacion tecnologica de la industria del calzado y conexas de la rioja, @-Health, ATHOS, BAE SYSTEMS, BASF, BeBop Sensors, Bertin Aubert Industries, Binghamton University, Biodevices, BioSerenity, BLUMINE SRL, BodyCAP, BodyPlus, Bodysens, Bonbouton, Brochier Technologies, Calzados Pitillos S.A., Cambridge Consultants, Carel’s MySense, Carré Technologies Inc., CEA LETI, CEA LETI, Center for optics, photonics and laser, Centexbel, CETI, CETEMMSA, Chromat, CITEVE (Portugal), Clara Swiss Tech, Clim8, Clothing+, CLUTEX, CNIL, CNOM, Corderie Meyer Sansboeuf, Coventry University, CSEM, CSMO Textile, CuteCircuit, Darpa, Dartmouth College, Diffus Design, Digitsole, Directa Plus, Doubletk, Dow Chemical, Dracula Technologies, DRÄGER, Ducere Technologies, DuPont, Elmarco, EMO SNC, Eolane Group, ERAM, Eurecat, Exo2, E-wear solutions, Filspec, Flex, Footballs & Heartbeats , Forster Rohner Textile Innovations, Freudenberg, GEDS Teknoloji Hiz. Ve Dan Ltd Sti, Globe Turnout Gear, GRAPHENE PRODUCTION, Harvard University, H2C brands LLC, HealthWatch Ltd, Heddoko, Holding Textile Hermès , HT Concept, Imprint Energy, Infineon, Infi-Tex, Infoscitex, Intel Corporation, Intelligent Textile Limited, Interactive Wear, International Fashion Machines, Isorg, ITP GMBH, Jabil, Jasnarok, Jenax , Kolon Glotech, Komodo Technologies, LEITAT, Levi Strauss, Liebaert, LifeBEAM, Life Sense Group, Like A Glove, Medical Design Solution, Microsoft , Midlinghtsun, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, MOULINAGE DU SOLIER, Muebleconfort, Myant & Co, Myzone, Nanowear, Nike, Noble Biomaterials, Nuada, Ohmatex, OMSignal, Osmotex , OtherLab, Outlast Technologies, Paneratech, Percko, Phillips, Pireta, Plasmachem Produktions- und Handel GMBH, Plug & Wear, Power Textile Limited, Primo1D, Printed Electronics Ltd, Puls@care , Rest Devices, SALOMON SAS, Samsung, Sarvint Technologies ; Schoeller, SCIENCE ET SURFACE, SEFAR HOLDING AG, Sensing Tex, Sensoree, Sensoria, Shiftwear, Silic Shirts , Siren Care, Smartex, Sofileta, Solvay, Spinali Design, Stretchsense, Tecnalia, TE-Connectivity, Teijin, Texas Instruments , Texinov, Texisense, TEXTILES DE LA DUNIERE, The Unseen, Thermal Tech, THERM-IC, TIBTECH innovations, Toray Industries, Toyobo, Twinery, Under Armour, University of Massachussetts, , University of Rhode Island, University of Washington, Visijax, Vitali Wear, VTT, Wearable Life Science (ANTELOPE CLUB), Wearable Media, Wearable X, XO International, Zoll, ZSK Stickmaschinen



Part 1 : Smart textile : Definition

Part 2 : Technologies

Part 3 : The applications

  • Sports application
    • The Quantified Self trend
    • The drivers of the sports application of smart textiles
    • The brakes of the sports application of smart textiles
  • Medical application
    • The drivers of the medical application of smart textiles
    • The brakes of the medical application of smart textiles
  • Protection application
    • Utility of smart textiles for protection
    • The drivers of the protection application of smart textiles
    • The brakes of the protection application of smart textiles
  • Fashion Tech
    • Lightening garments
    • Color changing garments
    • Garments in connection with social networks

Part 4 : The drivers and challenges of the market

  • Drivers
    • Sociodemographic driver
    • Technologic driver
    • Economic driver
    • Sectorial drivers
  • Challenges
    • Cost of development and final price
    • Regulatory challenges
    • Technical challenges
    • Economical challenges
    • Social challenges

Part 5 : Consumer Insights

  • Consumers’ expectations
  • Consumers’ brakes
  • Customer value proposition

Part 6 : Legal issues involved

Part 7 : Market forecasts

Part 8 : Mapping of companies and organizations

Part 9 : Collaborative projects

  • European projects
  • North-American projects
  • Asian projects

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List of companies mentioned
List of organizations mentioned

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